August 2018 Release Notes: Personal Product Lists Simplify Organization

Published 07/30/2018 03:30 PM   |    Updated 09/14/2020 02:25 PM
An optimized supply chain empowers employees through enforced standardization. With Insight’s procurement platform, your team gains access to your standardized catalog of products — but within a shopping experience flexible enough to support how your individual users prefer to shop and organize items. 

Enable your team to be more productive with streamlined self-service procurement. At Insight, we’re focused on delivering continuous incremental and strategic change to help businesses run smarter. That’s why the enhanced features in your myInsight account give you even more flexibility in your procurement activities.

Shop smarter online with a Personal Product List.

This new feature is a simple way to track items without having to duplicate a search. Lists are a middle ground between purchasing and forgetting: You may not be ready to order but want to remember the product for the future. There are multiple reasons for creating a list, such as:

  • Saving favorite products
  • Flagging products to consider later
  • Grouping products to compare
  • Tracking stock or availability
  • Checking prices over time

The Personal Product List improves the e-commerce shopping experience by allowing users to segregate products according to their needs and easily add items to the shopping cart, making the purchasing flow more efficient. The next several sections of this article will expand on the specific benefits of this new feature. 

Multiple ways to add items to your list

Adding items to your Personal Product List is a breeze. There are several places where you can add an item to your list. Simply select the links to add items. 

Search results pages

Search results pages

Product page

Product Page

Quick add feature

Quick Add Feature

Rank items exactly the way you need.

By default, products will be ranked based on the order in which they were added to your list. The additional drag-and-drop functionality gives you even more organizing power by allowing you to group or rank products in any way that makes the most sense for your needs. Group products by type, priority, price — the possibilities are virtually limitless. 

Drag and Drop

Compare items faster.

Conveniently differentiate products within your Personal Product List by adding items to your compare list. Once two or more items are chosen, selecting Compare now populates a table of product specs so you can choose the right product to fit your business requirements. 

Compare items faster

More enhancements and remediation

Client communications receive a face-lift.

At Insight, we’re passionate about building meaningful connections with our clients. Strong relationships are based on one key factor: trust. One of the best ways to make (or break) trust is through communication. That makes written communication, including emails, one of the most vital ways we interact. That’s why we gave these emails a face-lift:

  • New user welcome 
  • Create password
  • Reset/forgot password
  • Forgot username
  • Product discontinued
  • Overnight order notification
  • Report delivery
  • Report expiration
  • Citrix hosted licensing reminders
  • SPLA hosted licensing reminders

Expanded reporting now available for Renewals & Warranty Manager

Another benefit of an optimized supply chain is greater visibility into your technology investments. You need easy access to information in real time. We understand effective maintenance is the proactive maintenance of your inventory and contracts. So we’ve enhanced the functionality in our Renewals & Warranty Manager to provide on-demand visibility that enables your team to be more productive. Specifically:

  • Clients can now schedule customized daily/weekly/monthly reports.
  • Time-of-day options have been added for all users.

General defect remediation

As with every release, we’ve made some fixes:

  • Corrected the issue where client-defined fields became out of order when splitting individual line items
  • Fixed coverage dates changing when converting quotes
  • Rectified Electronic Waste Recycling (EWR) fees displaying incorrectly in the cart in certain scenarios 

Coming soon: What’s in development

We continue to work on robust features and functionality that resonate with our clients and their end users. Here’s a preview of what’s in progress:

  • New web reports by ship dates
  • More personalized products and content
  • Client-driven redesign of company standards

Not using Insight’s procurement platform?

A myInsight account helps you invest smarter. The right tools at your fingertips empower you to redefine the performance of your procurement processes and maximize the return on your technology investments. Learn more about our self-service sourcing solutions and create a free account today.

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