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Published 05/25/2018 10:52 AM   |    Updated 08/20/2019 02:01 PM
With the Nimble Storage solution, HPE has made storage truly autonomous. Using InfoSight predictive analytics, Nimble Storage provides intelligent, analytics-driven automation to deliver 99.9999% guaranteed data availability.

InfoSight predicts likely issues, automatically acts to resolve them and uses machine learning to prevent similar problems in the future. HPE Nimble storage arrays are cloud-ready and are available in all-flash, adaptive-flash and secondary-flash configurations.

Nimble Storage solution components

The Nimble Storage solution combines predictive analytics, automation and multicloud storage in one comprehensive solution. Plus, with the HPE Nimble Multicloud Flash Fabric in play, it all works together seamlessly. The Nimble Storage solution includes these key components:
  • InfoSight - predictive analytics & automation
  • HPE Cloud Volumes - multicloud storage service
  • HPE Nimble Multicloud Flash Fabric – unified storage array platform
  • Nimble Timeless Storage – system guarantee

Nimble Storage cloud capabilities

All Nimble Storage solutions can be configured with HPE Cloud Volumes, a platform that allows you to move data between multiple public clouds and your data center. Cloud Volumes gives you easy access to run your enterprise applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
HPE Cloud Volumes is designed for easy data mobility, giving you the freedom to store your data anywhere, from public to private cloud. Cloud Volumes includes such enterprise-grade features as:
  • Data center-to-cloud replication
  • 256-bit granular encryption
  • Instant snapshots & clones

Nimble Storage benefits

Through predictive analytics and intelligent automation, HPE Nimble Storage is able to deliver fast, reliable and highly available data access. Plus, HPE Cloud Volumes bridges the gap between your data center and public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.
For scalability, uptime and always-on access, HPE Nimble is the ideal solution. With Nimble, you can expect:
  • Advanced Triple+ Parity RAID for unparalleled resiliency
  • Integrated data protection for backup & disaster recovery
  • 5x or more data reduction from deduplication & compression

Nimble Storage solution availability

From all-flash to hybrid-flash and more, the HPE Nimble Storage solution is available however you need it. Scale up capacity and performance non-disruptively in any array. You can also combine multiple arrays and achieve a seamless experience with the unifying, Nimble Multicloud Flash Fabric.
Mix and match to suit your needs and scale out with up to 4 arrays managed as a unified cluster.
  • All-flash
  • Adaptive-flash (hybrid)
  • Secondary-flash (backup and archive)
  • HPE Cloud Volumes (public cloud compatibility)

HPE Timeless Storage guarantee

Ensure the value of your storage investment with the Timeless Storage guarantee from HPE. Timeless Storage helps you get the most value out of your investment with these and other key benefits:
  • Flat, annual support pricing
  • All-inclusive licensing with free software upgrades
  • A new, faster controller every 3 years (complimentary)
  • Capital purchase or Storage On Demand payment plans

Frequently asked questions – Features & functionality

Q: What is HPE InfoSight?
A: HPE InfoSight is a cloud-based management and support system that integrates, automates and simplifies storage administration. InfoSight provides intelligent, analytics-driven automation that predicts and prevents potential data issues. With InfoSight, you can:
  • Streamline storage administration with automated support and resolution.
  • Maintain peak storage health with real-time performance analytics.
  • Simplify storage management with a single cloud-connected management portal.
  • Obtain detailed data to help your team make more informed storage decisions.

Q: What is HPE Cloud Volumes?
A: HPE Cloud Volumes is an enterprise-grade multicloud storage service that helps you run enterprise applications on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It acts as a bridge between your on-premise infrastructure and the public cloud. With HPE Cloud Volumes, you can onboard, relocate and backup data between your data center and multiple clouds. HPE Cloud Volumes also includes features such as:
  • Data center-to-cloud replication
  • Instant snapshots and clones
  • 256-bit granular encryption

Q: What is the Multicloud Flash Fabric?
A: The Nimble Multicloud Flash Fabric unifies all-flash, adaptive flash and secondary flash arrays with common data services and easy mobility. This allows for seamless movement of application data between storage arrays – whether in the data center or in the cloud. Each Nimble Storage array includes the same OS, features and functionality so you can easily relocate data from one storage tier to another. You can natively replicate data from on-premise flash arrays to HPE Cloud Volumes and then access the same data from Azure or AWS compute instances.

Q: Will I be alerted when my Nimble storage is close to capacity?
A: HPE InfoSight accurately predicts future capacity needs based on advanced forecasting algorithms. When it’s time to scale up, InfoSight will alert you and prescribe the right capacity upgrade for your needs.

Frequently asked questions – compatibility & availability

Q: Is Nimble Storage a good solution for my small business?
A: Its flexibility and scalability make HPE Nimble an ideal storage solution for small businesses. You can scale storage capacity and performance individually and non-disruptively whenever the need arises. Plus, you can combine storage arrays for greater performance and easier management. Whether your company already has workloads in the cloud or if you’re in the process of creating a cloud-ready infrastructure, Nimble Storage arrays are fully capable of integrating with your systems now and growing with you in the future.

Q: Will Nimble storage integrate with my existing data center and hybrid cloud infrastructure?
A: Yes, the Nimble Storage solution is capable of integrating with on premise data centers and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Nimble Storage is available in both all-flash and adaptive flash arrays. For hybrid environments, adaptive flash arrays combine flash performance, efficiency and simplicity specifically suited for mixed, mainstream workloads.

Q: Is HPE Nimble Storage available as part of a holistic infrastructure solution?
A: For a complete infrastructure solution featuring Nimble Storage, Insight offers the HPE Converged Architecture 700. HPE Converged Architecture 700 delivers proven infrastructure building blocks from certified HPE channel partners. This complete HPE stack consists of an HPE BladeSystem, HPE Proliant rack servers with Intel Xeon processors, Nimble All-Flash storage and Adaptive Flash storage, HPE networking and InfoSight predictive analytics.

Frequently asked questions – data backup & security

Q: How is Nimble Storage backed up?
A: The HPE Nimble Storage solution allows you to store primary data on all-flash arrays and replicate that data to a secondary-flash array for backup and recovery purposes. Instant snapshot backups and clones allow you to make copies faster and protect your data at a higher frequency.

Q: What security is included with HPE Nimble Storage?
A: Efficient, fully integrated data protection is built into the platform, plus HPE Cloud Volumes provides 256-bit granular encryption for your data.

Q: How does HPE InfoSight detect threats and prevent problems?
A: HPE InfoSight uses machine learning and predictive analytics to anticipate potential threats and resolve them before they become an issue. InfoSight monitors all HPE Nimble Storage arrays in the cloud, collecting and analyzing millions of sensor data points per second. Using advanced data science, InfoSight resolves any detected issues, learns to predict similar issues in future instances and prevents any other system from experiencing the same problem.

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