February 2018 Feature Releases: Quick Checkout, Dashboards and More

Published 02/15/2018 08:23 AM   |    Updated 09/14/2020 02:12 PM

As your business grows, it gets more and more difficult to keep your data clean. When multiple teams in various sites, countries and currencies engage in procurement, it becomes necessary to keep a pulse on your activities at all times. High-performance analytics give you the visibility you need and enable your team to make decisions that optimize your technology investments.

Partnered with powerful analytics, a streamlined sourcing experience for users of all levels and permissions increases efficiency and reduces errors. At Insight, we understand the need for an optimized supply chain. That’s why we consistently release new myInsight account features. In this blog, discover the most recent additions to the procurement platform in myInsight.

Quick checkout: 1-click ordering makes checkout simple.

Regardless of your business size or number of locations, your individual users will most likely be sending their purchased devices to a set location with your preferred payment and shipping options. The new quick checkout feature is a convenient shopping option that allows your team to order items in the online marketplace in three easy steps. Quick checkout defaults can be defined in your user profile settings, or during the checkout process. This new feature supports your preferred shipping address, shipping method, payment method and any additional client-defined fields. Shopping made easier and faster means you save time and money.

Quick Checkout Video

Say goodbye to bottlenecks with approval dashboards.

Approvers and requestors can now get a quick overview of any outstanding requests with critical process information and action buttons. As an approver, the new drag-and-drop widget provides a snapshot of requisitions that need review. Need-to-know information is presented front and center, such as requisition number, requestor, creation date, days in queue, account and total. Our approval engine scans pending requests for outliers and adds alerts if requests include any invalid line items. Take action right within the widget to approve, deny or flag a request for additional review. If anything in the request is missing, you’ll be automatically prompted to enter that information to complete any approved requests. Requestors see similar information within the widget and can cancel approval requests in the dashboard.

Approver and Requestor Dashboard Video

Analyze spend by month for your most important variables.

New dashboards allow you to track spend by month for critical variables, including overall spend and a breakdown by region. Each dashboard displays year-to-date (YTD) spend by default. Need a different date range? Simply select additional action items to show spend from the past 12 months or any custom date range. This makes it easy to compare your selected dates to the previous period — month-over-month (MoM) or year-over-year (YoY). Selecting a specific bar graph in the widget drills down to that dataset’s spend breakdown by region. Export data to file formats, such as XLSX or PDF, for further filtering or including in outgoing reports.

Reporting Dashboard Video

Monitor spend by country for billing and shipping.

For the multi-site enterprise, gaining visibility into your billing and shipping spend by country allows you to optimize how you allocate technology investments around the globe. The new dashboards provide an interactive and intuitive way to gain the insights you need by country. Each dashboard will automatically populate and display the preferred currency of the sold-to account. Action items within the widget allow you to display data in other currencies, view YTD spend or compare datasets MoM or YoY. When you need to export data for additional reporting, multiple options are available on demand.

Track your technology investments by product type or manufacturer.

Report on your technology investments to ensure they align with your overall business goals. With the new product spend dashboard, analyzing how your IT budget is being distributed by category, product or manufacturer has never been easier. The product spend dashboard will initially populate with high-level categories, such as systems, memory, networking or services. Selecting the category type bar graph further narrows the results to product types, such as desktops, notebooks and cables.

product spend dashboard

If you’re looking for more information by manufacturer, the new top 10 dashboard gives you greater visibility into how each brand is supporting your business with hardware, software and services. Refine the results for each manufacturer by selecting the bar graph to display specific brand product types.

Top 10 Manufacturer Dashboard

Add more dimensions to your dashboards by leveraging several action buttons that further narrow down data sets by currency and region. Plus, compare data sets to previous periods and analyze spend over time.

Bug fixes

Here are the latest bug fixes that improve the buying process on your myInsight account:

  • Final approvers in approval paths can now select the procurement card payment option.
  • Third party/client carrier account information will be retained in all order scenarios.
  • Performance issue is resolved when using back and forward buttons on search pages.

Coming soon: What we’re working on for future releases

Stay tuned for new features in development that increase the effectiveness of your procurement strategy, such as:

Advanced order tracking

  • Improved order data accuracy
  • Detailed delivery statuses
  • Recent order enhancements

Redesign of company standards

  • Updated and modern user interface
  • Enhancements to functionality

Can your procurement platform deliver the insights you need to optimize your IT supply chain?

A myInsight account helps you invest smarter. The right tools at your fingertips give you the opportunity to redefine the performance of your procurement processes and maximize the return on your technology investments. Learn more about our self-service sourcing solutions and create a free account today.

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