Electronic Invoicing FAQ

Published 09/21/2018 10:56 AM   |    Updated 09/21/2018 11:03 AM
Digital invoicing can streamline your technology purchasing and approvals. Paperless statements reduce your use of hard copies and help you avert delays created by mail services. The delivery process is designed to ensure the right person receives the bill. Find answers to your questions about how to go paper-free with your invoices.

Frequently asked questions — electronic invoicing

Q: Which Insight departments offer electronic invoices? 
A: Insight Direct USA, Insight Public Sector and Insight Canada offer the service. 
Q: How can my business receive its invoice digitally? 
A: There are two options. Receive e-invoices as PDFs via email, or view them within an Insight e-commerce account, which integrates with your e-procurement solution.
Q: How many email statements will I receive at once? 
A: You have three options. You can receive your invoices all at once, in batches of 25 or one per email. 
Q: How do I get started?
A: After you’ve created an Insight account, register it for electronic invoicing. Have your customer number, bill-to number and recipient information ready.
Q: What is a bill-to number? 
A: In many cases, a bill-to number is the same as your customer number. But, if another entity is paying for the product, such as a parent or leasing company, that payer’s account number will be the bill-to number. 

Frequently asked questions — integration 

Q: Does an Insight account integrate with e-procurement solutions? 
A: Yes, Insight is compatible with applications such as Ariba cXML, Coupa, ePlus, Oracle Exchange and Tungsten Network, where you can view digital invoices.
Q: Can Insight assist with the account integration? 
A: Yes, our development team works with you to develop, test and implement the service. The process takes four to eight weeks. 

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