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  • We’ve updated this article to reflect the client preview to the Company Standards feature updates, which we released March 2021. The original article is below the headline “Using the legacy Company Standards procurement feature.” Click here to quickly...
  • You can easily change your myInsight account login information at any time. Once you’re logged in, select the Account Tools menu on the left side of your screen. Then select Personalization and User Profile.  The User Profile settings...
  • Insight Public Sector W-9 Form Download Insight Direct W-9 Form Download
  • Based on your organization and its home state, a tax-exempt certificate will need to be submitted to Insight’s tax department. Your account representative can facilitate this process. Call 1.800.INSIGHT to connect with your account rep.   ...
  • Yes. This information is visible in the Return Policy link in the footer area of the website.
  • Our dedicated Business-to-Business (B2B) implementation team will work with you to set up a punch-out catalog to myInsight through your procurement system. You can start the process by contacting your account representative or our B2B support team....
  • Insight Direct USA, Inc Remittance Information Download Public Sector Remittance Information Download
  • You can access both saved carts and order templates from the Account tools menu on the main page of your e-procurement account.  Need more information? Talk to a specialist
  • A non-shippable item is a part in your order that can’t be physically shipped, such as software licenses, warranties and lab services. ​​​​​​​   Need more information? Talk to a specialist
  • Yes, net terms are one of our accepted payment options. Our standard net payment term is within 30 days of the purchase.    Need more information? Talk to a specialist
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