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  • Shopping online can be overwhelming with the myriad choices of products available. myInsight makes it easy for you to limit the options available to your employees so they can only purchase company-approved products and accessories. This, in turn, keeps...
  • When you retrieve your saved cart, you'll see the current pricing for your items. Some items in your shopping cart may feature special pricing, sales or promotions which may have expired if you retrieve your cart at a later date.
  • We can offer discounts on a variety of purchasing options. Feel free to use the Contact us page to send an email, or call 1.800.INSIGHT to talk to a specialist. For added convenience, click the Chat now button for immediate assistance.
  • On both the search results page and the product details page, stock and availability will be shown near the price of the item. If the item is in stock, the number of units available will be displayed. This information is real-time and updated every 10...
  • In the search bar on the top of, you can search for products by brand, product type, product name, insight part # and manufacturer part #.   Select among the available categories on the left side of the page to narrow your search. You...
  • Quick Shop lets you quickly and easily purchase a product from the shopping cart page. Simply enter the product number and quantity in the quick shop box, then select add items. You can add multiple items simultaneously by entering all of the product...
  • Once all of the items you want to purchase are in your shopping cart, select the Checkout button and you'll be guided through a simple 4-step process.
  • Access your shopping cart from the cart link at the top of the website. Within the shopping cart, you can delete items by selecting the delete icon or edit quantities by using the + or - buttons.
  • Yes. In your shopping cart, select the Save for later drop-down option and choose the Save cart contents link. This will save the contents of your shopping cart in your account. Your saved order will remain in your account until it is fulfilled or deleted.
  • View our Technology deals page to see our current specials.
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