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  1. Updated Earned Value Management (EVM) is a technique that measures project performance against the project baseline. The earned value calculations are studied and memorized by all project managers seeking... Date Updated: 01/03/2019
  2. Updated Mobile applications typically get data from a mobile device’s network connections. At times, that connection is inconsistent and unreliable. Therefore, most apps have some sort of progress meter... Date Updated: 01/03/2019
  3. Updated No matter whether a SharePoint portal is used in an organization for information sharing or team collaboration, one request that always seems to come up is for a "corporate phone book." This is... Date Updated: 01/09/2019
  4. Updated In almost every project these days, the cloud is part of a client's needs or wants — whether this is around helping to migrate data (Exchange, OneDrive, Planner and/or SharePoint) or... Date Updated: 01/08/2019
  5. Updated If you've ever had a cursory glance at any SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint online demo, you likely noticed the nice-looking search results that come out of the box nowadays with their sleeker look and... Date Updated: 01/08/2019
  6. Updated   For those of us still supporting sites with the standard view we've had for the last decade or so — what Microsoft now calls "classic experience" — modern experiences have been rolling out to... Date Updated: 01/08/2019
  7. Updated In a recent project, we were tasked with building a custom dashboard with different types of charts. The Chart web part previously available in SharePoint 2010 is no longer available in SharePoint... Date Updated: 01/08/2019
  8. Updated “A bug should only be found by a human once.”   — Someone using continuous integration   A good development workflow has the ability to make good developers great, whereas a bad development... Date Updated: 01/08/2019
  9. Updated   I ran across a page that lists the set of freely available services in Azure . When I consider the fact that Microsoft makes the most powerful integrated development environment on the planet... Date Updated: 01/08/2019
  10. Updated In this article, we’ll be discussing how to create and load multiple Angular 2 web parts on a page in SharePoint 2013. We’ll address the following items to create our solution:   Technologies... Date Updated: 01/08/2019