May 2018 Release Notes: Enhanced Order Tracking and Order History

Published 04/18/2018 02:53 PM   |    Updated 09/14/2020 02:23 PM
One of the benefits of an optimized supply chain is greater visibility into all of your technology investments. You need easy access to information in real time and on any device. Streamlined procurement aligns your processes with your people, resulting in fewer duplicated efforts and errors. And the on-demand visibility enables your team to be more productive.

At Insight, we’re focused on delivering continuous incremental and strategic change to help businesses run smarter. That’s why the new features in your myInsight account give you even more visibility into your procurement activities.

End-to-end order visibility & tracking

The ability to track your orders in real time helps you manage your team's expectations better and improves your overall purchasing experience.

We understand that purchasing technology investments often requires coordination among multiple teams within your organization. Providing access within the procurement platform to the right people ensures everyone involved knows what’s going on when they need to. We’ve redesigned the look and feel of your recent orders view, improved search options and added new status bars.

All of your recent order statuses at a glance

Experience enhanced visibility into your recent orders with a fresh new look. You can view key order information such as order number, date, total and account information. The new order status tracker displays color-coded bars, giving you a simple way to visually differentiate the statuses of your recent orders. Expand or collapse each order to view a sample of the products included.

Recent Orders

Quicker access to what you need with improved search

Some clients in multisite organizations have access to improved search functionality that enables filtering by key components, including status type, date range, account, product type, operations center, region, customer info and more.

Orders Advanced Search

Order details that display your most top-of-mind info

If you need to look deeper into an order, selecting the order number link on the Recent orders page will direct you to the order details. This user-friendly view gives you all of the essential insights about the order in an easy-to-understand hierarchy.

The color-coded progress bar provides a visual indicator of the order’s progress. Leverage on-page actions such as reordering or adding tracking notifications. Simple tabbed navigation makes exploring additional details regarding shipments and customer info simple.

Order details

Enhanced tools & dashboards for order tracking

Need to track the status of a particular order quickly? Use the enhanced tool or locate the order on your new dashboard. The Track your order section on myInsight now offers additional search options and displays color-coded status trackers for a seamless and consistent experience.

Track your order

Or quickly locate recent orders on the new dashboard with visual indicators to determine the order’s current status.

order dashlette

Client-driven improvements to Renewals & Warranty Manager

Continuing in the spirit of providing greater visibility, we’ve partnered with clients, pilot users and other subject matter experts to gain feedback on where we could improve dashboards within the platform. We understand effective maintenance is the proactive maintenance of your inventory and contracts. Enhanced functionality includes:

  • Data cleanup to reduce instances of expired renewals
  • New rules around date range & statuses for easier viewing
  • Improved verbiage for more clarity
  • More seamless transitions from dashboards to drill-down pages

More overall enhancements & remediation

New global header for

We’ve redesigned and simplified our global header. Existing clients with custom header permissions will still have the same rules applied. However, everything has been repackaged for a crisper look and feel. Explore the mega menu, find what you need in a simplified search experience or access account tools in just a few clicks.

Global Header

General defect remediation

As with every release, we’ve made some fixes and resolved:

  • Issues navigating between country selections
  • Error emails not being sent to the appropriate support teams
  • Broken order tracking link on mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Search issues with purchase order numbers that contain apostrophes
  • Issues adding software bundles and parts for public sector clients

Coming soon: What’s in development

Our e-commerce team moves at the speed of business to constantly improve the client experience. We’re continuing to work on robust features and functionality that resonate with our clients and their end users. Here’s a preview of what we’re working on:

  • Saved carts/order templates redesign with new features
  • Overhaul of all client notifications, such as shipping emails
  • A new personal product center to save favorites and more
  • Modernized, new and simplified company standards
  • Approval routing enhancements

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