Order status messages

Published 01/30/2018 04:30 PM   |    Updated 02/05/2018 04:03 PM
Awaiting tracking number for returning item: Your order is on hold until we receive a tracking number from FedEx or UPS.
Credit card verification pending: Your order is on hold until your credit card billing address has been verified by your bank. If your credit card cannot be authorized, Insight will notify you as soon as possible.
Hold set by salesperson: Your sales representative put your order on hold. If there’s a problem with the order, Insight will notify you as soon as possible.
Locating missing product: Your order is held while we locate the misplaced product. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Net terms verification pending: Your order is on hold until your Net30 terms have been verified and approved by our credit department.
Order canceled: Your order has been canceled. If you did not cancel the order, please call 1.800.INSIGHT or chat with a specialist.
Order invoiced: Your order has shipped and will arrive shortly.
Order is being packed: Your order is being prepared and packed for shipping.
Order is in process: We’ve received your order and it has cleared all holds. We’re waiting for your product to become available for shipment.
Sales management is reviewing your order: A manager is reviewing your order. You will be notified shortly if your product does not ship.
Shipping is waiting to pack order: If the product you ordered is in stock, it is being pulled from our warehouse and being prepared for shipment. However, since we occasionally ship from alternate warehouses, it may take up to 48 hours for the alternate warehouse to send shipping information to us. With some out-of-stock products, we send the order to our supplier and reserve the item for your order. Once the product becomes available, we will ship the product to you.
System hold: Your order is on hold due to an internal verification process.
Verification in progress for Net30, prepayment or wire customers: Your order is being verified for the appropriate payment type. For example, if you have an order with prepayment terms, the order will not ship until Insight receives the payment.
Verifying the shipping address: Your order is on hold until we can verify your shipping address.

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