5 Ways a myInsight Account Streamlines Procurement

Published 01/09/2018 03:18 PM   |    Updated 12/17/2020 07:56 AM

Does your current procurement process optimize your technology investments and enable more transformation in your business? It takes time and money to procure, maintain and replace technology solutions so you can run your business. We've designed the procurement platform in myInsight with a client-first mentality. In this blog, you will discover some of the features that streamline procurement so you can maximize the value of your IT investments. These features will help you get the most out of your existing technologies and invest in the most compelling ones.

1. Company standards maintain consistency and save time.

Your equipment and technology are a reflection of your team and brand. You may have preferred devices, software and configurations that are enterprise-wide or a list that is narrowed down by team or business location. With myInsight, you can configure your company standards to fit your exact business requirements. Imagine if you could order a standard company laptop of your preferred brand with your desired size, processor, memory, user configurations and protection plans all at your negotiated price with just one click. Company standards makes that possible.

Company Standards1

Company Standards2


2. Approval routing helps automate internal processes.

Stop using archaic methods to obtain purchase approvals, such as email, spreadsheets or hard-copy signatures, and digitize your desired workflow right within your myInsight procurement platform. Shorten the time from request to order while improving accuracy and efficiency with the highly-customizable approval routing feature. Easily create paths and rules for your entire team. Each step is tracked, time-stamped and reportable to give you the insights you need into your procure-to-pay cycle. You’ll never overlook another request with personalized reminders and auto-notifications.

3. Robust custom catalogs narrow search results to improve efficiency.

Give your employees the freedom to access and choose products only within the boundaries of your desired product catalog. Limit what your team can view and purchase regardless of how many purchasing groups you need. With a myInsight account, you’ll gain the ability to create an unlimited number of custom catalogs. Leverage a custom catalog for scenarios as simple as separating hardware from software or as complex as viewing specific attributes for different manufacturers or product subcategories. We’ll work with you to create a custom catalog or you can simply provide a set list of items to upload. No matter how robust your catalog needs to be, all of the search functionality and filters available on myInsight are accessible to your team.

4. Gain clarity and streamline reconciliation with custom data fields.

Nearly every procurement platform displays the basics, such as parts, descriptions, shipping information, manufacturers and categories. myInsight is different. We truly understand no two businesses are the same — and the way you acquire and manage technology investments shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. We give you the ability to enhance your data by integrating additional custom variables to match your existing processes. Our current customers commonly use these client-defined fields for financial information, such as cost center, budget code or project numbers. You can even leverage these fields to capture internal user or process information, including username, department code or detailed configuration notes. Our powerful reporting engine and user-friendly web display make tracking client-defined fields effortless.

Client Defined Fields

5. Simplify procurement through integrated system solutions.

Achieve truly touchless transactions with integrated procurement solutions from Insight. We support a variety of options to integrate into your procurement process whether you use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle, or existing portal systems, including Airba, Coupa, Perfect Commerce and Service Now. Our expertise and extensive knowledge of industry standard protocols mean we’ll work to ensure a seamless implementation even if you have custom or unique requirements. We’ll create the connections to exchange the data that is most important to your organization.

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