Company Standards Redesign Preview

Published 03/10/2021 07:44 AM   |    Updated 03/10/2021 09:15 AM
The myInsight Company Standards feature is being redesigned, and now select clients are previewing the latest changes and can provide feedback. Before the redesign’s official launch, we’ll leverage client feedback to ensure the newest updates meet your organization’s procurement needs. 
Clients in the Company Standards preview program have been transitioned to the new experience. 

What’s new with Company Standards?

We made several visual upgrades, while also enhancing functionality for purchasers. 
We improved Company Standards for procurement specialists by: 
  • Improving the user experience with new view options: Users can now opt between the standard List view and a Tile view, which provides a visual walkthrough experience. 
  • Enabling product images to be included at the category, sub-category and product levels.
  • Streamlining navigation through the addition of search, filtering and pinning: Users can pin frequently purchased categories and sub-categories within their standards. You can also filter by tags or pins to quickly locate a category. 

Streamline your procurement.

Our how-to guide will help you get started with the updated Company Standards feature. It is designed to optimize IT management, support security and eliminate rogue spending.  

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