How to Access and Use the Renewals & Warranty Manager

Published 10/05/2020 09:50 AM   |    Updated 10/05/2020 10:04 AM
The myInsight Renewals & Warranty Manager gives a comprehensive view into your application ecosystem, licenses, renewals and warranties. You can use this tool’s dashboards and reports to better manage your renewals process and reduce costs. 

The data in your dashboards and reports within the Renewals & Warranty Manager represents the software products you’ve purchased from Insight. But you can also import data for software products you purchased from other sellers. 

Access the Renewals & Warranty Manager

After logging in to your myInsight account, you can review the latest renewals from the myInsight Dashboard by selecting Licensing & Renewals. This view will show you all Upcoming Renewals that will need to be addressed within the next 90 days. 

If you don’t see the Renewals & Warranty Manager in your myInsight Dashboard, then you’ll need to work with your account executive to start the onboarding process. 

Through the Dashboard, you can review the original order number for each upcoming Renewal to see its purchase history and then request a quote to start working with your sales team on the renewal. As the quote is created by our specialists, you’ll be able to access the quote and see the renewal’s cost by selecting the quote number. 

myInsight dashboard

When you want to proceed to the main Renewals & Warranty Manager, you can select View all through the dashboard, or select the Tools dropdown within the secondary menu and then select Renewals & Warranty Manager.

When you’re in the Renewals & Warranty Manager, you can explore the tool’s capabilities through the Dashboard, Advanced Search, Case History and My Inventory tabs along the top menu. 

Using the Renewals & Warranty Manager Advanced Search

You’ll first be taken to the Advanced Search area of the Renewals & Warranty Manager when you access the tool through myInsight. Here, you can search by a variety of factors, including Manufacturer, Enrollment Number, Renewal Status, Maintenance End Date, Order Number and more. 

You can also set the layout of the search to prioritize certain data points, such as manufacturer and cost. 

renewals advanced search

When you’ve created searches and layouts that you want to use again, you can save them through Report Settings to quickly access the search and layout again. And, you can schedule out the searches and accompanying reports further down on the page. 

advanced search report settings

Using the Renewals & Warranty Dashboard

Here are our preset dashboards that breakdown your Renewals & Warranty data by a variety of metrics. You can move the dashboards around and add new ones by selecting Add Dashboard Widget. 

r-m dashboard

The dashboards provide visibility what portion of your budget goes to each publisher, which can help you during your renewal negotiations with the manufacturers. The types of dashboards you can review, download and share include:

  • Top 10 Renewals by Manufacturers
  • Renewals by Publisher
  • Renewals by Spend
  • Renewals Health Report
  • Renewals Software Products by Maintenance Date
  • Renewals Overview
  • Renewals Products by Software Type
  • Renewals Microsoft EA Overview

From each dashboard, you can drill down further to see more data, filter information and download the data as an Excel document. 

Using Case History

Case History works as a messaging system to help you manage the renewals process outside of email. Here, you can track conversations with your team throughout the entire renewals process. 

renewals case history

Using My Inventory

Access My Inventory 

This is where you can review and upload renewals data for licenses you bought outside of Insight. When you select Upload Inventory, follow the prompts on the right side of the page to upload renewal data for licenses purchased outside of Insight. 

my inventory renewals

Streamline your renewals process.

Our Renewals & Warranty Manager will give you a holistic view into your asset and maintenance assets. 

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