How to view and use the Company Standards procurement tool

Published 06/25/2019 10:50 AM   |    Updated 12/17/2020 07:56 AM
Establishing and enforcing company standards for procurement can ensure teams only purchase approved products, maintain security and eliminate rogue spending. Insight’s Company Standards are a listing of products your organization has standardized on or orders on a routine basis. 

Clients with administrative rights can manage the Company Standards tool, allowing for easy viewing, ordering and reordering — and enforcing IT product standardization. 

Accessing Company Standards

To access the Company Standards feature, log in to your myInsight account and navigate to the secondary menu. From there, select Tools and then Company Standards.

You’ll see lists of product groups, such as Laptop and Desktop Standards. Select a Product Group to see Configuration Sets of the individual line items. You can mark the individual items within a configuration set to add them to your cart when you select Add to order

Creating Company Standards

To set standards for your company, select Administration in the secondary navigation menu of your account. Then select Manage Standards

Select Click here to create company standards in 3 easy steps. Then, assign a Product Group Name and select a category or create a new category. You can also include additional options, such as a start and end date for the standard to be available, as well as descriptions. 

Next, you’ll be directed to add a Configuration Set Name and determine if the purchaser can select multiple products, a single product or a mandatory set of products within the standard. 

You’ll be taken to a search menu, where you can add products by their SKU number or search for products by name. 

The added products will display under the Configuration set in Company Standards. From the Manage Standards menu, you can add or remove products as needed. 

Frequently asked questions — managing company standards

Q: What does category, product group and configuration set mean? 
A: There are three levels to each Company Standard: 
  • The Category is the highest level and can include options such as laptop standards. You can create your own categories, too. 
  • The Product Group exists within the category and is where the products for each set of standards exist. You choose the name of the product group and determine whether a user has to purchase all or some of the products within it. 
  • The Configuration Set is the list of individual line items of products within the product group. 
You can create or choose categories and organize them into product groups and configuration sets. Within a configuration set, you’ll have individual line items of products and accessories that would come with the main product in that set when you order it. 

Q: What are the selection options? 
A: When creating a Company Standard, you can control how users purchase products from a product group. In the menu for creating the Configuration Set Name, you’ll see these options: 
  • Allow multiple selections — lets the purchaser add more than one item to his or her order in the product group 
  • Single selections — gives the buyer permission to choose one item in the group to add to an order
  • Mandatory — the user must select all of the items within the configuration to purchase 

Q: Can I edit or delete elements of a created Company Standard?
A: Yes, you can edit or delete Company Standard elements. In the Manage Standards menu under Administration, select the linked name in the Configuration Set, and you can change, copy, share, duplicate, rename and/or delete the element. 

Q: Can I add products to a configuration set after I’ve created it? 
A: Yes. To add products to a Configuration Set, select the linked name of the Configuration Set. From there, you can add products by searching for them on myInsight or by entering the manufacturer part number. You can also sort, delete products, change quantities and change other product properties. 

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