What Types of Payment Does Insight Accept?

Published 12/04/2018 08:26 AM   |    Updated 12/17/2020 07:56 AM
You can pay for Insight products, solutions and services through a variety of ways. 

If you haven’t personalized your myInsight account, you can only pay for purchases using a credit card. But, if you have a customized myInsight account, you have more payment options. You can create a custom account by working with an e-commerce specialist.

With a customized account, you can pay for products through invoices in net terms or with a procurement card. With net terms, your payment would be due in a certain time frame. The standard net term is within 30 days of a purchase. Here are more details about payment types Insight accepts:

Credit card

We accept all major credit cards. Paying with a credit card is the default option if you’re making purchases through your myInsight account. 

Electronic transfer

You can complete your purchase by moving funds directly from your bank account. We accept traditional wire transfers and Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic funds transfers. On our electronic invoicing registration page, you can find wire and accounting numbers for this process.


If your invoice is due in net terms, such as within 30 days, you can pay with a check. Your account executive can give you details on where to send the check.

Financing or leasing

We also offer financing and leasing options through Insight Global Finance (IGF). Find more information in our frequently asked questions article

Which payment option is right for you?

Explore more details about the purchasing options through Insight. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for free. You can also talk to an e-commerce specialist to learn more. 

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