Optimizing Customer Service and Self-Service

Published 10/24/2018 11:17 AM   |    Updated 12/17/2020 07:56 AM
The preference for consumer self-service on the web is increasing. That’s why Insight offers a knowledge base for new and existing clients to find answers to frequently asked questions — without having to pick up the phone or compose an email. 
Topics include managing orders, shopping for products, shipping information, pricing and payments, using your myInsight account, policies, e-commerce guides and more. This dynamic, searchable content hub makes it easy to find the topics that are of the most interest to you. 

Featured topics

To address your top concerns, we analyze inbound client requests and trends, website feedback and customer service channels throughout the organization. We continue to grow the content and topics to provide a robust view into how we can best help with your inquiries. The knowledge base is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can get an answer to your question at your convenience.
In addition to frequently asked questions, the knowledge base features product profiles with detailed product information around our top-selling products and brands, new inventory, software and solutions on our site. 
We also perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research to discover the top questions around the web and provide a centralized location where you can find the answer — all within insight.com. Whether you’re researching a product before buying or have a technical inquiry post-purchase, check out our knowledge base for up-to-date information.
In addition, we’re now offering technical guides and resources that allow you to search for installation instructions and recommendations straight from the manufacturer. These are resources your IT department, implementation teams and end users can benefit from, all centrally located within our knowledge base.
Looking for more information on the e-commerce platform in myInsight? The myInsight updates section is for you. This area of the knowledge base features the latest and greatest rollouts to our e-commerce web experience and contains in-depth coverage of items important to those who conduct daily business through or shop within our web platform.
New e-commerce clients will find valuable information as to what to expect once you enlist our e-commerce team to set up items such as company standards, dashboards, quick checkout, approval workflows and procurement features within the platform. 
Current clients can learn about new initiatives (“Feature spotlights”) that have been added to our site, release notes indicating upgrades and pertinent information occurring in a web build, and special announcements such as technology deals and bargains.

Feedback and customer support

We welcome your feedback on any area of our knowledge base. Consider this an interactive experience, where you can share, rate and comment on content to help us gauge what’s most helpful, where we can improve and topics we should add.
From the knowledge base, you can enter into live chat with our myInsight chatbot, who will help locate the most appropriate knowledge base content. Or, you can be put in touch directly with our client engagement team if you’d like to make a purchase or need to talk with a subject matter expert for more information on any of our offerings.
To leave detailed feedback or pose a question you need more information on, please visit our Ask a question page. If you leave your contact information, our dedicated staff will respond within 48 hours.

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