What is the Custom Catalog feature?

Published 10/11/2018 10:55 AM   |    Updated 12/17/2020 07:56 AM
Shopping online can be overwhelming with the myriad choices of products available. myInsight makes it easy for you to limit the options available to your employees so they can only purchase company-approved products and accessories. This, in turn, keeps workers productive. 

Our online catalog is customizable for each client — and can even be tailored according to roles. Your Custom Catalog will display a menu of permitted products for workers to choose from. Your product offerings can be limited to manufacturers, categories, part numbers, attributes or a combination of those options. 

Say you only want employees to choose from five manufacturers, for example. Offerings from those five manufacturers can be further narrowed down to a small selection of products. Additionally, your catalog can block categories you don’t want your workers to access, such as televisions. 

Learn more about customizing your account on our Personalization & preferences page

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