Workflow Management and the Approval Process

Published 10/10/2018 10:53 AM   |    Updated 12/17/2020 07:56 AM
The procurement platform in myInsight features a robust approval management process that’s easy to both use and manage right from your dashboard, whether you have one or multiple web groups. You can use the feature as an approver of orders or as a requestor of approval for orders to streamline the procurement process. 

As a requestor, you’ll see the order number, which links to the order for easy review. You’ll also be able to view the approver(s) for each order number, where the order is in the approval process and how long the order has been waiting for approval, as well as an option to cancel the order. 

As an approver, your dashboard view is slightly different. You’ll still see the order number, but instead of approvers, you’ll see the name of the requester, how long the order has been waiting for approval, and a drop-down menu to grant quick approval, denial or set the status to be under review. 

Frequently asked questions — approval process

Q: Can I view the pending approvals in any catalog?
A: Yes, you can see all open approval requests in any catalog. And, as an approver, you can use the drop-down menu to approve, deny or put each order under review.

Q: What if the order number doesn’t link to the order?
A: That indicates you’re not in the web group in which the order was placed. To see the details of that order, you’ll need to find the appropriate web group. You can also search for the reference number in your email by switching web groups.

Q: What if there’s more than one approver on an order?
A: The names of both approvers will display on your dashboard with radio buttons next to their names to indicate if each has seen or approved the order. 

Q: What if I’m unable to make edits in the dashboard?
A: Editing permissions vary from user to user. Contact your Insight representative with any questions or to extend your editing capabilities.

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