How Using Company Standards Can Enhance Your Web Experience

Published 09/13/2018 09:48 AM   |    Updated 03/10/2021 08:50 AM
One of the biggest differentiators of the e-procurement platform in myInsight is the Company Standards feature. Company Standards can be viewed as company-approved standards of products, or as a list of favorite/most frequently purchased or approved items. No matter what you call it, this feature lets you tailor your company’s web experience to optimize purchasing.
Creating and using Company Standards can help a user locate and purchase all of the items he or she needs on a single page. For example:
laptop image
Here, a user can select to purchase a desktop unit. Upon selecting the Product Group, he or she would be presented with the Configuration Sets. This enables the user not only to buy the desktop unit, but also to buy additional items and peripheral devices that could make a complete set.
That means on one page, we can add the approved/compatible keyboard and mouse, monitor and any additional cables. The user is shown the approved and compatible items to make a complete unit — all on one page for ease and timeliness.
The user is not required to go from section to section to build this complete unit, which takes time and can increase the chances of order errors. He or she simply goes down the single page, selects the desired options to add to the order and then checks out. This decreases clicks and increases speed and efficiency.
Company Standards can also be used for printers:
printer image
A user can select a printer and, on one page, find and add compatible toner and a warranty. This streamlines purchasing and ensures accuracy. It also provides reference points for additional purchases in the event the user needs to buy more toner, for example.
The list of Company Standards is completely customizable to your company. Supplementary details can be added to products to draw attention to differentiating factors on items or to provide more information, such as an internal contact to reach out to for questions or who can buy the item. Images and color can also be added to enhance the experience. All text and verbiage on the Company Standards can be tailored to create a truly unique experience for your users.
Enforced standardization actually gives your team more flexibility and increases efficiency across the organization. Contact your Insight sales rep or the Insight e-commerce team to learn more about how you can optimize your web experience using the Company Standards feature.

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